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Hang on to Your Hat - Video Game Jazz Orchestra (Compact Disc)


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Presenting the debut of the Video Game Jazz Orchestra, Hang on to Your Hat, featuring big band arrangements of music from Super Mario 64.

Brought to creative life by producer David Russell and a team of top-notch arrangers, the album highlights the timeless tunes from Nintendo's classic by maestro Koji Kondo. The album was recorded in Nashville at Ocean Way Studios with some of the best players and production crew in the biz.

Hang on to Your Hat CD in a vinyl record gatefold sleeve replica with a 12-page booklet, designed by Rozen and Isa Alcántara. Featuring evocative art deco detailing by José Acosta Calva and inside illustration by David René Christensen.

Each piece takes us through familiar levels while leaving space to expand and show off. Hear the music of Mario and his nemesis Bowser as you've never experienced it before!


Produced by Mary Kate Jiménez-Wall, David Russell, and Sebastian Wolff
Executive Producers: Mary Kate Jiménez-Wall and Sebastian Wolff
Original Songs from Super Mario 64 composed by Koji Kondo

Music arranged by Laura Intravia, Julian “Zorsy” Sanchez, Daniel Romberger, Trevor Alan Gomes, Sean Schafianski, Ben Wallace, Doug Perry, David Peacock, and Sam Bobinski
Music Editor: Eric Wegener
Mixed by Will Kennedy
Mastered at The Bakery by Jett Galindo

Recorded at Ocean Way Nashville Recording Studios
Contractor: Alan Umstead
Conductor: David Shipps
Librarian: Sammy Sanfilippo
Recording Supervisor: Eric Buchholz
Recording Engineer: Nick Spezia
Assistant Engineer: Jasper LeMaster

Art Direction: Rozen
Cover Art: José Acosta Calva
Illustration: David René Christensen
Product and Layout Design: Rozen, Isa Alcántara

Hang on to Your Hat was performed by the following musicians:

Rhythm Section
Piano: Nate Strasser
Bass: Danny O’Lannerghty
Guitar: Mark Baldwin
Vibraphone: Beth Gottlieb
Drums: Brian Fullen

Alto Sax/Soprano Sax/Flute Double: Jimmy Bowland
Alto Sax: Jovan Quallo
Tenor Sax: Jeff Coffin
Tenor Sax: Doug Moffet
Baritone Sax: Robby Shankle

Trumpet (Day 1):
Jose Sibaja
Mike Haynes
Preston Bailey
Keith Smith

Trumpet (Day 2):
Mike Haynes
Preston Bailey
Mike Barry
Keith Smith

Barry Green
Paul Jenkins
Roy Agee

Bass Trombone: Matt Jefferson

Melodica: Trevor Alan Gomes

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