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Headbangers – Battle of the Dancers (Original Game Soundtrack) (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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This soundtrack features 54 tracks from the game “Headbangers - Battle of the Dancers”, the latest game mode in “Headbangers: Rhythm Royale”. This exceptionally diverse album was entirely composed and performed by Charles Bardin and Valentin Ducloux, with additional vocals by Priscilla Cucciniello on several tracks. Get ready to ruffle your feathers to the rhythm of all these pigeon-themed songs!

“With Battle of the Dancers, we wanted to create the most varied soundtrack in the history of video games. This was our intention from the very beginning. The 54 tracks on this album draw their inspiration from a wide range of musical styles: rock, funk, electro, pop, folk, reggae, punk and many more. We conceived this soundtrack as a tribute to music in all its diversity, all combined with silly lyrics about our pigeon friends.” - Composer Charles Bardin

This item is a pre-order and is estimated to ship around Q3 2024.

Release Notes

  • Featuring 54 tracks
  • Music by Charles Bardin and Valentin Ducloux
  • Guest vocals by Priscilla Cucciniello
  • Remastered for vinyl by Christian Bethge

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Track List

A01 Battle of the Dancers Introduction
A02 Feelin’ Alright
A03 Let’s Go for Sunshine
A04 Fool of Your Nation
A05 Robot Pigeons’ Anthem
A06 Super Hyper Wonder Pigeon
A07 I’m Just a Pigeon
A08 Feathers and Gold
A09 Leaving the Nest
A10 I Welcome Mindfulness
A11 Spread Your Love
A12 The Queen of the Queens
A13 A Feathered Dragon
A14 Rebel Driving Pigeons

B01. Searching for a Battle
B02. Silver King
B03. Coo Coo Coo
B04. Big Pigeon’s Club
B05. King Coo
B06. To the Sky with You
B07. The Birds of the People
B08. A Winter in the Sancy
B09. Move Your Feathers, Baby
B10. The Star of the Night
B11. A Far West Dance
B12. Little Peckie
B13. Preparing for the Battle
B14. Bourrée Auvergnate

C01. All Pigeons on Deck!
C02. Tranquillity to Sky
C03. The Headbangers’ Anthem
C04. The Feather Highway
C05. The Bird Gods
C06. Gaspard Feat the Marquis
C07. Coo-Coon
C08. Pigeonosaur
C09. Peaceful Sky
C10. P’tit Pigeon
C11. Pixel Vs Real Life
C12. Your Own Way
C13. Live at the Grey Note

D01. Claws and Beaks
D02. Lost in Space
D03. Yeah for All Pigeons
D04. Pigeon Zombie
D05. Savannah Crumbs
D06. No Crumbs
D07. Cooing in the Sun
D08. Hatched in the ‘60s
D09. Spy-Geon
D10. Migration with Flamingos
D11. Pigey Vs Evil Coo
D12. Pigeon’s Full Capacity
D13. Battle of the Dancers Outro

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