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Interstellaria (Original Soundtrack) - Chipzel (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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Surviving space can be quite the challenge— this beautiful Interstellaria original soundtrack by Chipzel will help!

Complimenting the amazing music, is Marie Bergeron's incredible art. All cleanly pressed on unique space splatter blend discs. Truly, an amazing addition to any collection!

2 x Space Splatter Blend 12" LP (33 RPM) w/ full color matte jacket. Included digital download card for full OST.

Track List

A1. Interstellaria
A2. Prelude
A3. Serenity
A4. Mankind Will Prevail / Human Territory
A5. Recovery
A6. Spacebar
A7. Sakari

A8. Xiwang
B1. Kursha Diplomacy
B2. The Kursha Will Rise Again / Kursha Territory
B3. Cylus
B4. Revive Rebuild Repent / Suna Territory
B5. Ghifi
B6. Anoa Diplomacy
B7. Life Finds A Way / Anoa Territory
B8. Oloke
B9. Never Tell Me The Odds / Part 1

C1. Gods Give Us Strength / Kaidun Territory
C2. Aibit
C3. Gadaad
C4. New Terra
C5. Station Horizon
C6. Never Tell Me The Odds / Part 2
C7. Annihilation
C8. Game Over

D1. Ulu
D2. Ott
D3. Live By The Sword
D4. Let's End This
D5. The Alliance
D6. Credits
D7. We Will Find Peace
D8. Somnolence

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