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J-Core Vibes - NDXJCL (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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This EP is aimed directly at all J-Core fans around the world, retracing the seminal sound of Japanese hardcore all the way back to its roots.

Artists never before seen on such a record put their very best into each track.

DJ Sharpnel, the legendary pioneer of J-Core, produced the title track “J-Core Vibes” as a love letter to all the fans, and talented artists Laser Imouto, Tektheist, and Triple Star produced their own unique tracks to make this EP a memorable one.

Each track will shake up your place while taking you back to the golden era of J-Core!
Phantoms Records collaborated with NDXJCL, DJ Sharpnel, Laser Imouto, Tektheist, and Triplestar to turn this project into a unique vinyl record.

All songs were entirely remastered in studio with high-end analog gear, providing a highly-dynamic, rich, crisp signature.

Please note that some units may have some background noise located at the last minute of the track A2.

This item is a pre-order and is estimated to ship around Q3 2024.

Release Note

  • Fully remastered and mixed
  • Pressed on 45RPM, 180g vinyl
  • LOUD cut perfect for DJing
  • “Vibin’” translucent orange color with black splatter
  • 400GSM sleeve with special glossy and matte print
  • Gold foil stamped numbering on the back
  • Double-sided felt slipmat
  • 350GSM double-sided insert with lyrics
  • Polylined black inner sleeve and PE protective outer sleeve

Product images are mockups and are subject to change without notice. The final product may differ from what is shown.

Track List

A01. DJ Sharpnel – J-Core Vibes
A02. Tektheist – Alive

B01. Laser Imouto – Saizeriya Tabehoudai
B02. Triplestar – Exosphere


Harley Diver
Design and Reworked Artwork:
Neodash Zerox

Music Production:
DJ Sharpnel
Laser Imouto

Lyric writer:
Neodash Zerox

Graphic Design and Layout:

Mastered at Martinete Studio
Distributed and Produced by Phantoms Records

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