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Johto Legends (2x LP Limited Kickstarter Edition)


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For an extremely limited time, and in extremely limited quantities, we're releasing our final Kickstarter copies of Johto Legends by Braxton Burks! 

2x gold and silver LPs, with gold and silver foil sleeves, produced in collaboration with iam8bit. Premium foil-stamped jacket, with art by Ryan Brinkerhoff. Based on original score by Junichi Masuda, Go Ichinose and Morikazu Aoki

This pairing explores a young Pokémon Trainer's epic journey across the scenic Johto region - meeting Pokémon friends, going head-to-head with the nefarious Team Rocket, and encountering the legendary guardians of Johto - all told through a stunning musical narrative.

Seven incredibly talented musicians with performance pedigrees including Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions and The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses — as well as game scores such as Destiny, Dragon Age, Tomb Raider and Minecraft — brought this score to life.

Accentuating the journey is an epic package design by artist Ryan Brinkerhoff, chock-full of premium trappings like: Premium Foil-Stamped Jacket; Gold/Silver Foil Inner Sleeves; Gold and Silver Vinyl Discs; and an Epic Gatefold Illustration.

"Johto Legends is a passion project I've wanted to fulfill since I was eleven years old. Almost every day after school, I'd get on the bus home and turn on my Game Boy Color, loaded with a copy of Pokémon Crystal Version. I spent countless hours headbutting trees in the Ilex Forest, exploring the remains of the Burned Tower, and tracking down the legendaries Entei, Raikou, and Suicune... but it was the game's soundtrack that really pulled me in with its memorable 8-bit melodies, an eclectic mix of romantic harmonies and Japanese folk music - the perfect backdrop for the Johto region. Sometimes I'd even imagine what the music would sound like if it were orchestrated by one of my idols, John Williams. 'I wish I could do that,' I thought. Well, I ended up carrying that dream to adulthood, fueled by my ongoing love affair with the Pokémon games that persists even to this day. I hope listeners will be able to recall their own nostalgic Pokémon journey - the battles, the towns, the routes and caves... and all the adventures in between." - Braxton Burks 


Track List
A1 Journey To Johto (Overture)
A2 The Adventure Begins
A3 A Morning In New Bark Town
A4 Route 29
A5 Battle! Wild Pokémon (Johto Version)
A6 Violet City
A7 Sprout Tower
A8 Battle! Pokémon Trainer (Johto Version)
B1 Johto Pokémon Gym
B2 Battle! Johto Gym Leader
B3 Azalea Town
B4 Trouble At Slowpoke Well
B5 Battle! Team Rocket Grunt
B6 Goldenrod City
B7 National Park
B8 Ecruteak City
C1 The Burned Tower
C2 A Tale Of Three Beasts I. The Fire
C3 A Tale Of Three Beasts II. Resurrection
C4 A Tale Of Three Beasts III. Encounter
C5 Lake Of Rage
C6 Team Rocket Strikes Back
C7 Dark Cave
D1 Battle With Ho-Oh
D2 Whirl Islands (Surf Theme)
D3 Lugia's Song
D4 Battle! Rival Trainer (Johto Version)
D5 Final Showdown! Pokémon Champion Battle
D6 Ending Theme
D7 Epilogue
D8 The Road To Johto Falls (Route 26)

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