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Josh Journey: Darkness Totems (Original Game Soundtrack)


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Composed by André Luiz Machado and Rogério Bicalho, the Josh Journey: Darkness Totems soundtrack features nearly one hour of original music created with a unique blend of Medieval, Brazilian and Celtic music kindly named as a "Post-Modern Brazilian Medieval Music for Science Fiction”.

All the songs were played by live musicians, including a Brazilian early music ensemble with different kinds of baroque flutes and recorders, fiddles, a spinet, percussion instruments and surprise toys, bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy, guitar and a vocalist.

Josh Journey: Darkness Totems is a hand drawn beat’em up game about four brave heroes, that use their skills to defeat the Nightmare Monsters using special combo attacks in a co-op gameplay. Available on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PS 4/5 and PC credits released October 28, 2022.

Original Music by Andre Luiz Machado

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Rogério Bicalho


  • Grupo Uccelli
  • Jefferson Leite – Fiddles and Viola
  • Cristiane Carvalho – Alto, Tenor and Bass Recorders, Voice Flute and Bagpipe)
  • Beatriz Pavan – Spinet and Hurdy-gurdy
  • Leonardo Caire – Percussion: Daf drum, Alfaia, Castanets, Tambourine, Vibraslaps, Woodblocks, Temple Blocks, Djembé, Mini Gongs, Triangle, Sleigh Bells and other percussion toys
  • Daniele Nastri – Voice
  • Rogério Bicalho – Acoustic Guitars and Additional Music/Arrangement for "Darkness Shadow" and "A Final Revelation"
  1. Josh Journey's Theme (Alea Jacta Est)
  2. Amuleto
  3. Swordsman Island
  4. City of Wind and the Tempest Fear
  5. Evil Tree
  6. Forest Shadows
  7. Black Sword Winds
  8. Waterfall Village
  9. Swamp, Magic, and Spell
  10. Darkness Claws
  11. The Sorcerer's Cave
  12. Inverted Ritual Spheres
  13. Sertão Celticus
  14. Northeast Sands (Tambor de Dunas)
  15. Cursed Creatures
  16. Rochas Místicas
  17. Dark Axe of Stones
  18. Factory Old Land Wheels
  19. Magma, Steams & Blaze
  20. Dragon Fight
  21. Volcano Ascension
  22. Evil Rusty Machine
  23. Darkness Shadow
  24. A Final Revelation
  25. Broken Refuge
  26. Light from Above
  27. Aria for Naphilis (Glory and Redemption)

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