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Jupiter & Mars (Original Soundtrack) - Jon Atkinson (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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A 2-disc vinyl record soundtrack for Jupiter & Mars, composed by Jon Atkinson
Side A  
  1. (We Are) Shooting Stars  
  2. Sea Foam  
  3. Dolphin Dreams  
  4. Enter The Vortex  
  5. Jupiter and Mars  

Side B  
  1. The Orca  
  2. The Calf  
  3. A Mother's Child  
  4. And Suddenly He Was Gone  
  5. Keep Your Wits About Yours

Side C  
  1. Descending Into Darkness  
  2. Detached   
  3. Descending Into Chaos   
  4. Descending Into Dreams   
  5. Ghosts Of The Past  

Side D  
  1. Cities and Consequences   
  2. Dolphin Drive   
  3. Lord Of The Deep   
  4. Cities 
  5. To Be With You Again


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