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King of Hearts - FamilyJules (Compact Disc)


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FamilyJules returns to Persona 5 with a TRIPLE metal album.

This is King of Hearts, featuring vocalistsCG5, Ace of Hearts, Caleb Hyles, Kuraiinu performing Persona 5 favorites. See also Jack of Hearts and Queen of Hearts, featuring an assortment of other vocalists and instrumentalists!

Arranged, produced, performed by FamilyJules. Music by Shoji Meguro. "The Poem for Everyone's Souls" features Ferdk on guitars. 

Single CD in a premium digipak.

PERSONA properties are trademarks or registered trademarks of Atlus. Materia Collective / Materia Music Inc. and the artists on this album are in no way affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected to Atlus with respect to this album. Musical compositions are © Atlus and are used with permission. Sound Recordings © 2022 Materia Music Inc. First Edition. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There / Colors Flying High - Instrumental (from "Persona 5")
  2. The Poem for Everyone's Souls - Instrumental (from "Persona 5")
  3. Beneath the Mask - Instrumental (from "Persona 5")
  4. Last Surprise - Instrumental (from "Persona 5")
  5. Will Power (from "Persona 5")
  6. Life Will Change - Instrumental (from "Persona 5")
  7. Blooming Villain (from "Persona 5")
  8. Layer Cake (from "Persona 5")
  9. Tokyo Daylight (from "Persona 5")
  10. Butterfly Kiss (from "Persona 5")
  11. Mementos (from "Persona 5")
  12. Keeper of Lust (from "Persona 5")
  13. The Whims of Fate - Instrumental (from "Persona 5")
  14. The Days When My Mother Was There - Instrumental (from "Persona 5")
  15. Take Over - Instrumental (from "Persona 5: The Royal")
  16. I Believe - Instrumental (from "Persona 5: The Royal")
  17. No More What Ifs (from "Persona 5: The Royal")
  18. Throw Away Your Mask (from "Persona 5: The Royal")
  19. Rivers in the Desert (from "Persona 5")
  20. Yaldabaoth - Instrumental (from "Persona 5")
  21. Our Beginning - Instrumental (from "Persona 5")


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