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Konami Wai Wai World 1+2 (Original Game Soundtracks) (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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Originally released in 1988 and 1991, respectively, Konami Wai Wai World and Konami Wai Wai World 2: SOS!! Parsley Castle are affectionate, impeccably crafted crossover spectaculars featuring the greatest Konami characters of the 8-bit era. Never released outside of Japan, Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to bring the soundtrack to vinyl for the very first time. Containing music from both well known franchises such as CastlevaniaContra and Gradius as well as more obscure offerings like Getsu Fuma DenTwinbee and Quarth, this double LP will take listeners on a journey through Konami's 8-bit past.

Featuring new artwork from Mike Luckas and extensive liner notes from games journalist Anthony John Agnello, Konami Wai Wai World 1+2 is an indispensable artifact of 8-bit aural bliss. 

Track List

Side A

1. Dr. Cinnamon's Laboratory
2. Teleportation Room
3. Konami Man
4. Konami Lady
5. Goemon
6. Character 'M'
7. Simon
8. Castle Stage: Boss
9. Getsu Fuma
10. Hell Stage: Boss
11. Moai
12. Monster Stage: Boss
13. Character 'K'
14. City Stage: Boss
15. Rescuing Hero
16. Shooting Stage
17. Shooting Stage: Boss

Side B

1. Viscera Stage
2. Viscera Stage: Boss
3. Viscera Stage: Escape
4. Memorial Photograhy
5. Opening
6. Opening "To Battle"
7. Player Select
8. Wai Wai World
9. Run! Rickle
10. Rickle Shooter Go!
11. Air Battleship
12. Warning! Boss Battleship
13. First Congratulations
14. Flowery City, O-Edo #1
15. Flowery City, O-Edo #2
16. Accompaniment of Boss
17 Which Way Are We Going to Go?

Side C

1. Twinbee Take-Off!
2. Twinbee Theme
3. Power Up!
4. Go Go Twinbee
5. Unidentified Flying Donburi
6. Da-Dump Dragon
7. Bonus!
8. Jungle Battle
9. Scary Alien
10. Candy Dance
11. Ramune Waltz
12. Fairy Melody
13. Welcome to the Puzzle World
14. Panel Trip
15. Speed Action
16. Crash! Convoy
17. Invitation to the Demon World
18. Master of the Demon World

Side D

1. Vic Viper Take-Off!
2. Ancient Ruined Star Moai
3. Moai Strikes Back
4. Japanese-style Fortress Bamboo Grove
5. Assault Crab Core
6. Big Core Again!
7. Return of Frogger
8. Invitation to Dracula's Castle
9. Monster Battle
10. Dra Dra Dracula!?
11. Magical Action
12. Showdown! Warumon
13. All Clear
14. Password
15. Game Over
16. Eternal Dream ~Our Parsley Castle~

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