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Three Movements - Manami Matsumae (Compact Disc)


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 THREE MOVEMENTS is the first-ever solo album by the legendary Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae, which celebrates her thirty years of working as a composer in the video game industry. Matsumae’s career began in 1987 when she graduated from the Osaka University of Arts and joined Capcom’s Sound Production Department that same year.

The solo album features Matsumae’s signature catchy and memorable tunes while showcasing a new side of her that fans rarely get to see. She ventures into chiptunes, trance, orchestral, and ambient soundscapes – woven into a classical narrative that splits this blend of genres into three distinct parts. “By this point, I've created music for a number of video games,” says Matsumae about the album’s diverse lineup of tracks. “These songs come in a variety of genres, and I want everyone to listen to the different styles I've experienced throughout the years, which is why I ended up creating my album in this fashion.”

All songs are composed, programmed, and mixed by Manami Matsumae.

Track 8: Vocals by Manami Matsumae Track 12: Violins by Sho Omagari Tracks 13 & 14: Produced and mixed by their respective artists

Creative Director: Mohammed Taher Project Manager: Alexander Aniel Photographers: Bao-Hien Ngo, Mohammed Taher Designer: Dan Clarke Mastering Engineer: Dan Suter Editors: Christine Bagarino, Lauren Lucas Executive Producers: Mohammed Taher, Alexander Aniel

Special thanks to Marco Guardia

Produced and published by Brave Wave Productions.

Copyright © – Brave Wave Productions, Ltd.



  1. Select Your Hero
  2. Fight For Peace
  3. The Final Showdown
  4. Intermezzo Pt. 1
  5. Fabrik
  6. Aerial Clash
  7. Lost Artifact
  8. Neverland
  9. Intermezzo Pt. 2
  10. Thera
  11. Elegy
  12. Earth
  13. Fight For Peace (Takahiro Izutani Remix)
  14. Fabrik (Stemage Remix)
  15. Remix – Stemage

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