Manifold Garden (Original Soundtrack) - Laryssa Okada (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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The power of music is that it can transport us to different worlds, expose us to new visions, opening our minds to possibilities that would have otherwise been written off as impossible by way of logic or invention. Sound is a peculiar thing, though, because it’s easy play with the familiar, yet so much more difficult to poke around in peculiar audioscapes. That’s precisely what composer Laryssa Okada does well with the Manifold Garden soundtrack - blending together audio goodness, making you cozy and comfortable, then introducing alien acoustics that elevate you to a place of brave new discovery. It’s a score that is understated yet ambitious, mixed as if it were recorded in an otherworldly cathedral, giving it a sincerely incredible vibe that might just inspire an epiphany or two. Frankly, so will the awe-inspiring pop-up gatefold, complimenting the complexity of the tracks contained on wax with mind-bending brilliance that will hold your imagination captive every single time you open it.

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