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Marshall Art (Original Soundtrack) - Marshall Art (Cassette Tape)


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Marshall Art is here to papercut your mind into little pieces. Armed with a modified NES console and an electric guitar, the international duo of Jeffrey Roberts and Mikhail Ivanov explore sonic worlds of chiptune-infused progressive and post rock music on their self-titled debut album. 

This limited edition 2xLP vinyl offers a unique listening experience exclusive to the vinyl format: the conclusion of the Marshall Art suite which closes the record will vary depending on which of the two identically labeled Side C's the listener drops their needle. The good ending, with a triumphant choral celebration, or the bad ending, with a menacing funeral dirge. The music has been remastered specifically for this vinyl release. The red and yellow vinyl is packaged in a reversible jacket with new artwork by Andrei Karlin, depicting a refreshed take on the album's imagery, and an alternate cover showing the decayed scenery, affected by the passage of time.

This item is a pre-order and is estimated to ship around Q2 2024.

Release Notes

  • Limited edition 2xLP vinyl
  • Chiptune-infused progressive and post rock music
  • Album by Marshall Art pressed on Colored Vinyl

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Track List
  1. Papercut You Into Little Pieces
  2. Asteroid Driller
  3. They're Like Locusts
  4. Nothing Can Be Fixed. God, Burn!re
  5. Marshall Art (Good Ending)
  6. Marshall Art (Bad Ending)

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