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Maverick Hunters - Noveliss & Mega Ran (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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In the Megaman videogame universe, The Maverick Hunters are an organization founded by Dr. Cain, dedicated to protecting humans and the world at large from Maverick attacks. Through years of games and sequels, the Maverick Hunters remain dedicated to their mission of making the world a better place. The two most notable members are X, created by Dr. Light; and Zero, successor of Bass and the greatest creation of Dr. Wily.

Much like X and Zero, after sharing stages in the US and Japan, Otaku emcees Noveliss (of the group Clear Soul Forces) and Mega Ran have joined forces over a mutual love of hip-hop and video games to present the album "Maverick Hunters."

The two tell stories of our changing world ("Dear Summer"), not-so-distant memories ("Memory Card") and even pro -wrestling ("Clash Of The Titans") over classic beats by mainstay producers Hir-O Beats, Yon Li and DJ DN3.

The Bandcamp release features a bonus track: "When It's Over" produced by Young RJ of Slum Village, and featuring RoQy TyRaiD.

Much like the heroes the album is named after, the album has arrived to bring about a positive change in a sea of uncertainty. Our two heroes are dedicated to the cause, which should be apparent in every lyric and beat. The era of the Maverick Hunters is upon us.


released May 7, 2021

Executive Producers: Mega Ran and Noveliss
Album Mixed By Hir-O
Beats by Hiro, Yon Li and DJ DN3.
Cover Art by Aaron Hendrick

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