Melodies for the Masses (Original Soundtrack) - Magnus Ringblom and Audinity (2xLP Vinyl Record) - Yellow


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Delve into the richly-crafted music of the Melodies for the Masses DLC for Victoria 3 with this mesmerizing soundtrack composed by Audinity and Magnus Ringblom. This set of two colored Vinyl records features all the tracks from the DLC, along with unique artwork on Side D.

The composer utilized his expertise to create a truly memorable listening experience. By incorporating solo instruments popular in the Victorian era, the music takes on a down-to-earth and personal quality, with a focus on smaller orchestral settings.

Whether you're a fan of Victoria 3 or simply appreciate great music, these Vinyl sets are a must-have addition to your collection.

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Credits for the first 8 tracks

Composed by: Audinity (Yannick Süß & Robin Birner)
Performed by: FILMharmonic Orchestra, Prague
Conductor: Adam Klemens
Sound Engineer: Jan Holzner
Assistant Engineer: Michael Hradiský
Librarian: Tomáš Kirschner
Orchestra Contractor and Recording Manager: Petr Pýcha
Recorded in: Smecky Music Studio, Prague, Czech Republic
Score Mixer: Nico Berthold / Viktoria Studios
Score Preparation: Four For Music

Credits for all other tracks

Composed by: Magnus Ringblom
Violin, Viola and Cello soloist: Filip Runesson
Additional Woodwinds: Magnus Ringblom
Orchestra: Visby Session Strings
Recorded at: Hansa Heritage Studios


Disc 1

Side A
  1. Main Theme - The People - 03:05
  2. Dreaming of the Future - 03:37
  3. Andante for the Common People - 03:31
  4. A Farmer's Tale - 03:40
  5. Spring Dance - 03:01
Side B
  1. Working Class - 02:54
  2. Golden Fields - 02:49
  3. Job Openings - 03:08
  4. Trader of Hope - 05:05
  5. The Risk Taker - 04:00

Disc 2

Side A
  1. Chance of Success - 05:12
  2. An Ordinary Life - 04:05
  3. Faded Rose - 03:57
  4. A New Place Called Home - 03:41
Side B

non-playable artwork, to be revealed

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