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Memories of the Light - Sam Yung (1xLP Vinyl Record) [Star Fruit Yellow Variant]


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Newly curated from Sam Yung's beloved piano based collections, Memories of the Light features over 40 minutes of the most iconic music from the Kingdom Hearts series-- specifically a memorable collection of the more tender, light themed songs alongside brand new still life artwork from Elizabeth Sherry (with a special spot gloss surprise).

The majority of Sam's arrangements can be listened to via his Youtube Channel, other than Naminewhich is a brand new track made to round out this light themed collection. Please note that the track listing of this release is slightly different from his original compilation.

Track List

Side A

  1. Dearly Beloved
  2. Destiny Islands
  3. Passion / Sanctuary
  4. Treasured Memories
  5. Roxas
  6. At Dusk, I Will Think of You

Side B

  1. Namine
  2. Missing You
  3. Kairi
  4. Tears of the Light
  5. Hikari / Simple and Clean
  6. Dearly Beloved (Reprise)

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