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Memories of Tokyo-to - 2 Mello (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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2 Mello's beloved tribute to the Jet Set Radio franchise, Memories of Tokyo-to, on vinyl and cassette, courtesy of Ship to Shore.

Memories of Tokyo-To is a dedication to the music and style of the Jet Set Radio series of games. Produced chiefly but not entirely by composer Hideki Naganuma, the soundtrack's vibrant, hip-hop inspired attitude has entertained me for over half of my life and I am finally giving back.

I think that this album is the most true to myself I have been since I started making music, and I hope that you all enjoy listening to it as much as I have enjoyed making it.



Side A

1. Pump Up the Love
2. Here I Go
3. Say Somethin'
4. Midnight in Tokyo-to
5. Old to the New
6. Reach Out
7. Jet Set Classic (Interlude)
8. 24 Hour Party People

Side B

1. Diggin' It Baby
2. Getaway
3. Benten-cho Boogie
4. Rock the Beat
5. Poison Jam
6. You Like That (Interlude)
7. Tag Walls, Punch Fascists
8. Big Beast
9. Ba-da-ba

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