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Metal Slug X (Original Soundtrack) - SNK Sound Team (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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For the 25th anniversary of the legendary SNK’s game series Metal Slug, Wayô Records is proud to present this new complete edition of the Metal Slug X soundtrack in vinyl format!

Track List
  1. THE MILITARY SYSTEM -X- [Operation Explanation, Ranking]
  2. BARRACKS -X- [Character Select]
  3. JUDGMENT -X- [Stage 1-1]
  4. STEEL BEAST 6BEATS -X- [Boss Theme A]
  5. PREHISTORIC SITE -X- [Stage 2-1]
  6. THE CENOTAPH -X- [Stage 2-3]
  7. FIRST CONTACT -X- [Boss Theme B, Stage 6-2]
  8. LIVIN ON THE DECK -X- [Stage 3-1]
  9. ASSAULT THEME -X- [Boss Theme C, Stage 6-1]
  10. BACK TO THE CHINA -X- [Stage 4-1]
  11. NEW GODOKIN STREET -X- [Stage 5-1]
  12. KISS IN THE DARK -X- [Stage 5-2]
  13. METAMORPHOSIS -X- [Stage 5-3]
  14. GRAVESTONE -X- [Game Over]
  15. FINAL ATTACK -X- [Stage 6-3]
  16. END TITLE AGAIN -X- [Final Performance]
  17. MS_X_ENDING -X- [End Credits]
  18. CARRY OUT -X- [Stage Clear]

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