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Moss Piano Selections (Sheet Music Book)


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Moss is an immersive VR storybook adventure in which players guide the brave mouse hero Quill to defeat the fire-breathing snake terrorizing her homeland. The intricate folk soundtrack composed by Jason Graves is a perfect complement to the charming, fairy-tale art and story.

We’re pleased to present the complete Moss soundtrack arranged for solo piano. All 11 tracks have been faithfully adapted by master arranger David Peacock to be a joy to play. The final track in the book is an arrangement of the ending theme, originally performed by Malukah, for voice and piano accompaniment.

Most pieces are at the intermediate level, though some are slightly easier or more challenging depending on the complexity of the original melody.

Song listing
  1. Dear Reader
  2. Twofold
  3. The Clearing
  4. Thickets and Bloom
  5. Legends Old and New
  6. Last Respite
  7. Cinder Skies
  8. A Different Story
  9. Sarffog's Domain
  10. I'm Not Alone
  11. Home to Me
  12. Home to Me (piano + voice)

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