Mutazione (Original Soundtrack) - Alessanro Coronas (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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There’s something so raw, lively, and evocative about the Mutazione soundtrack. During some spurts, it evokes the punk rock-fueled chaos and spilled beer aroma of hearing Joan Jett obliterate your ears at a small club during her early days. Then, just like that, you are enveloped by the luscious lullaby-like essence of Portishead on the next track.

Then, another evolution on this musical journey: the rock n’ roll of Radiohead, as if sipped from a Twin Peaks pint glass. The impressive magic of composer Alessandro Coronas is how he balances it all, encapsulating the emotion of profound rebellion, all the while, staying married to melancholy. This could very well be your new favorite record, even if you’ve never played the game – but bonus aural emotions if you have!

Mutazione is published by Akupara Games. Vinyl by iam8bit.

Track List
  1. Title Theme
  2. The Trip
  3. Gathering Together
  4. Ritual
  5. Modular Cloud
  6. At Night
  7. Heartbroken
  8. Papu Tree
  9. Credits Theme
  10. Gardens #16538
  11. Gardens #71112




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