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My Hero Academia: Season 5 (Original Series Soundtrack) - Yuki Hayashi (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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Milan Records is proud to release My Hero Academia: Season 5 (Original Series Soundtrack) with music by composer and arranger Yuki Hayashi (My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, Pretty Cure, Strawberry Night) on vinyl. The album features music written by Hayashi for the fifth season of the critically acclaimed, hugely popular anime series. Based on Kōhei Horikoshi’s well-loved manga series, My Hero Academia concluded its fifth season on September 25 and is available to watch in its entirety now. In addition to the season five soundtrack, Hayashi has scored all four previous seasons of the hit anime television series as well as three corresponding film installments, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising and My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission.

Our My Hero Academia: Season 5 (Original Series Soundtrack) release is a double LP with one LP pressed on opaque blue marble vinyl, and the second LP pressed on opaque red marble vinyl. The vinyl discs are housed in a dress jacket with credit insert.

  1. Go, Plus Ultra
  2. So Classmate Were Born of Worthy Competition
  3. Successor
  4. "QUIRK" DON-PACHI Great Exchange
  5. A VS B
  6. What to Inherit
  7. The Mission of the Stealth Hawk
  8. Different Ability Liberation Army
  9. My Villain Academia
  10. Second Coming
  11. Gigantomachia
  12. Mine Woman
  13. TOGA's Nature
  14. Symbol of Fear
  15. I Don't Kill My Friends
  17. Paranormal Liberation Front
  18. Sound of the Holidays - performed by Jon Underdown
  19. Sound of the Holidays (Instrumental Version)

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