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My Neighbor Totoro: Soundtrack - Joe Hisaishi (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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Soundtrack in which you can feel warmth and enjoy Joe Hisaishi's music to your heart’s content. Includes ’’Sanpo’’ and ‘’My Neighbor Totoro.’’

Track List
  1. Sanpo - Opening Theme Song (Inoue Azumi)
  2. May Of The Village
  3. Okake!
  4. Suddenly With May
  5. Wind Of The Evening
  6. Not Scared
  7. Let's Go Ahead
  8. Mom
  9. Small Obake
  10. Totoro
  11. Taka Mori's Big Tree
  12. Welcome
  13. Wind Street
  14. Soaked Okeba
  15. Flight Of The Moonlit
  16. There is no May
  17. Cat Bus
  18. Good For You
  19. My Neighbor Totoro - Ending Theme Song (Inoue Azumi)
  20. Sanpo (with chorus / Azumi Inoue / Suginami Children's Choir)

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