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Nausicaä Of The Valley Of Wind: Soundtrack - Joe Hisaishi (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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Soundtrack recorded for the film based on the image album. Jacket image is a watercolor painting for the cover of the original comics of Nausicaa taking a gun to relieve a dying baby Ohmu from suffering which she tried to save, though it was beyond help.

Release Notes
  • Japanese import
  • Includes 4 pages of illustrations
  • Double jacket
  • Limited edition with OBI strip
Track List
  1. ''Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind'' Opening
  2. Runaway of the Royal Bullock
  3. Valley of the Wind
  4. Insect Love Shining Princess
  5. Kushana's Invasion
  6. Combat
  7. Interaction with the Royal Bullock
  8. In A Corrupt Sea
  9. Annihilation of Petite
  10. Battle of Maube and Corvette
  11. Reviving Gigantic Soldier
  12. Nausicaa's Requiem
  13. Bird Man Ending

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