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Neversong (Original Soundtrack) - Thomas Brush [Signed Edition] (1xLP Vinyl Soundtrack)


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This is the vinyl edition of the soundtrack to the indie game Neversong on yellow with black splatter vinyl. The music composed and arranged by Thomas Brush. This is a limited edition vinyl.

Release Notes
  • 1xLP Blackfork yellow vinyl
  • Music composed and arranged by Thomas Brush
  • Includes digital download code for full game soundtrack
  • Signed by Thomas Brush
Track List

Side A

  1. Neversong
  2. Redwind Village
  3. Redwind Field
  4. The Spiderian Sewer
  5. Mrs. Richardson
  6. Neverwood Cemetery
  7. Mr. Toyne
  8. Calm Before The Storm

Side B

  1. The Booty Bum Marsh
  2. Granny
  3. The Twisting Hall
  4. Blackfork Asylum
  5. Dr. Smile
  6. Epperlepsy
  7. The End

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