NieR: Automata Official Guitar Solo Selection (Sheet Music - Japanese)


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This is an intermediate level guitar solo song collection supervised by Keiichi Okabe and other MONACA staff, which contains 16 songs used in NieR: Automata.

The guitar arranger is Mr. Yasuto Utaka, who has been active as a guitar duo "Ichimujin" for 12 years until 2016, and is in charge of the ending song of the NHK Taiga drama "Ryomaden", and is widely active from performance to composition.

Track List
  1. Remains Saleta Place / Oblique Light
  2. Peaceful Sleep
  3. Memory of dust
  4. Amusement park
  5. A Beautiful Song
  6. Voice of no Return / Guitar
  7. Grandma / Destruction
  8. Emil / Shop
  9. Treasured time
  10. Vague Hope / Ice Rain
  11. Weight of the World (English Version)
  12. Pascal
  13. Copied City
  14. Song of the Ancients / Atonement
  15. Emil / despair
  16. The Sound of the End

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