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NieR: Glory to Mankind - ROZEN + REVEN (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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First edition of NieR: Glory to Mankind by ROZEN + REVEN pressed on silver discs.

Hybrid Orchestral Pop arrangements of NieR:Automata™. 


Welcome to YoRHa. Your mission is to traverse the world of machines and androids through the musical machinations of Rozen and Reven. The duo have teamed up once again for a full album collaboration of songs from NieR: Automata, with their fingers hovering dangerously close to the black box of your emotions.



DISC 1 - Side A

1. Become as Gods
2. City Ruins
3. Amusement Park

DISC 1 - Side B
1. A Beautiful Song
2. Copied City
3. Wretched Weaponry
4. Emil (Despair)

DISC 2 - Side A
1. Eve
2. Vague Hope
3. Dark Colossus

DISC 2 - Side B
1. Song of Devola & Popola
2. Grandma (Destruction)
3. Weight of the World


All album tracks arranged, produced and performed by Rozen & Reven 
Recorded and mixed at Rozen Audio in Los Angeles 
Mastered by Jett Galindo at The Bakery in Los Angeles

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