NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 Official Score Book Piano Score (Sheet Music - Japanese)


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The music of "NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...", an upgraded work based on "NieR Replicant", has been recorded in middle-advanced piano arrangement.
In the "NieR" series, the writers of the sound creator group "MONACA", including the well-known composer Keiichi Okabe, will be in charge and will deliver the score.

Contains 28 songs.

[Listed songs]

  1. summer snow
  2. light wind blowing hill
  3. heart-sealed iron coffin
  4. Obaachan
  5. stupid machine
  6. street of trading
  7. Masked Honor
  8. Loss/Ver. Piano
  9. Initiator/Devol
  10. Halua
  11. his dream
  12. this dream
  13. kaine/relief
  14. Yona/Ver. Piano
  15. Ashes of Dreams/Lost Music Box Ver.
  16. Fuata no Kotoba/Family
  17. Foam Words/Others
  18. rest
  19. Inishienouta / Void Rona Dream
  20. Lost/Ver. Music Box
  21. Demon King's Castle
  22. Inishienouta/Destiny
  23. Emile / hard work
  24. Emile/Sacrifice
  25. Devil
  26. Obaachan/reunion
  27. kaine/escape
  28. Ashes of Dreams/Aratanaru-JP Version

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