Brave Wave

Ninja Gaiden: The Definitive Soundtrack, Vol. 1 (Compact Disc)


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Track list

  1. The Moonlight Duel (Nes)
  2. Determination Father's Message (Nes)
  3. The Dragon Ninja (Nes)
  4. Mysterious Woman (Nes)
  5. Bravery on the Clutches (Nes)
  6. Reminiscence (Nes)
  7. A Sudden Development (Nes)
  8. Like a Howling Gale (Nes)
  9. In Hiding Pursuing the Nightmare (Nes)
  10. Eyecatch (Nes)
  11. The Cia (Nes)
  12. The Sanctuary of Shadows (Nes)
  13. The Amazing Ryu (Nes)
  14. Crisis (Nes)
  15. Surprise Attack the Wicked God's Secret Maneuvers (Nes)
  16. Malth the Crimson Terror (Nes)
  17. The Truth Concealed (Nes)
  18. Melancholy Destiny (Nes)
  19. Requiem (Nes)
  20. The Truth Concealed (Reprise) (Nes)
  21. The Menace of Jaquio (Nes)
  22. Showdown at the Portal of Death (Battlefield) (Nes)
  23. The Demon's Incantation (Nes)
  24. In a Pinch the Ordeal of Battle (Nes)
  25. At the End of the Battle (Nes)
  26. Irene Overture of Dawn (Prelude) (Nes)
  27. Credits (Nes)
  28. Game Over (Nes)
  29. Cinema Display Sound Attack (Nes)
  30. Cinema Display Sound Attack (Nes)
  31. Sound Effects (Nes)
  32. Insert Coin (Ac)
  33. Game Start (Ac)
  34. La Stage (Ac)
  35. La Stage / Grand Canyon Stage Boss (Ac)
  36. Round Clear (Ac)
  37. NY Stage (Ac)
  38. NY Stage / Transcontinental Railroad Stage Boss (Ac)
  39. Round Clear (Ac)
  40. Las Vegas Stage (Ac)
  41. Las Vegas Stage Boss (Ac)
  42. Round Clear (Ac)
  43. Grand Canyon Stage (Japan) (Ac)
  44. Grand Canyon Stage (Usa) (Ac)
  45. Round Clear (Ac)
  46. Transcontinental Railroad Stage (Ac)
  47. Round Clear (Ac)
  48. Final Stage (Ac)
  49. Final Stage Boss (Ac)
  50. Time's Up (Ac)
  51. Game Over (Ac)

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