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OMEGA: A Tribute to Xenogears - Materia Community (Compact Disc)

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Deluxe high-quality double-CD digipak of OMEGA: A Tribute to Xenogears. Art by Jake Murray, design/layout by Rozen.

The Materia Community came together in full force to pay tribute to one of the finest RPG soundtracks ever made. Over 130 arrangers, musicians, vocalists, lyricsts, mixing engineers, mastering engineers, translators, and engravers worked together to cover all 44 tracks from the original soundtrack.

OMEGA features a diverse range of instrumentation and styles, from solo piano to full orchestra; guitar and mandolin duet to an enormous choir just to name a few. We put our hearts and souls into this album, and we hope we have made a fitting tribute to a soundtrack that has meant so much to so many people since it was released twenty years ago.

©Ⓟ 2018 Materia Collective LLC

Track List
  1. ETHEReal String Orchestra, Fredrik Häthén - You Shall Be As Gods
  2. John Michael Hunt - Stand Tall and Shake the Heavens
  3. Chris Porter - KIZUNA
  4. TheToader - My Village is Number One!
  5. Lauren Liebowitz - Valley of Winds
  6. Max K Webster - Distant Oath
  7. The Game Brass - Steel Giant
  8. Peter Jones - The Blackmoon Forest
  9. Matías Lati Quezada - Dearly Egg of Dreams
  10. Taylor DiClemente - Dozing Off (Short Version)
  11. Glenntai - City of Burning Synths
  12. Trey Hodge - Hopes and Dreams
  13. Joe Sua - He Who Rules the Dark
  14. Ronin Op F - Gear Cutter
  15. Daniel Romberger - Marching Orders from the Dreams of the Strong
  16. Younes Elbayad - Lost Jewel
  17. Austin Hart - Aveh, the Ancient Jig
  18. Michael Garrett Steele - Incursion
  19. Lucas Guimaraes - Stage of Death
  20. zykO - Contact
  21. Materia Brasilis - Canção do Vento
  22. Joe Zieja - The Chapel's Back Porch
  23. ConSoul - adrift...Shattered Splinters
  24. Amanda Laven - Thames on the Field
  25. JohnStacy - LET'S GO ALREADY!!!!!
  26. Jeff Swingle - The Lion and the Lamb
  27. Troy Strand - Jaws of Root and Steel
  28. Hashel - Blood, Fire and Steel
  29. Michael Hoffmann - October Mermaid
  30. Doug Perry - Those Who Went Above the Ground
  31. Xale - Beneath the Blue Sky With You
  32. Akihiro Akane, Kevin Won - Journey Through the Night Sky
  33. wolfman1405 - Stellar Remnants/Abstraction
  34. Ian Martyn - Flytur ~ Skyve Himmelen!
  35. Videri String Quartet - Yggdrasil
  36. Posu Yan - Rolling Hills
  37. Dean Nguyen - Beginning of Dreams
  38. Antriksh Bali - Torn Apart
  39. String Player Gamer - Divine Providence
  40. Chris Muggli-Miller - Assault on Babel Tower
  41. Faseeh - Awake
  42. Josh Barron - One Who Bares Fangs at God
  43. Peter Jones, Sauraen - The Beginning and the End
  44. Dale North - Broken Mirror

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