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Omega Strikers (Original Game Soundtrack) (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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Join the footbrawl with a selection of songs from the Omega Strikers soundtrack, now on vinyl!

The soundtrack to the iconic sports brawler comes to wax courtesy of Materia Collective and Rare Drop. Many of the industry's top players are here, including James Landino, Mason Lieberman, VGR, Garrett Williamson, and many more.

We've modeled the records to look like the iconic Core from Omega Strikers. The base version looks like a standard yellow Core, and the limited edition Core Flip variant is modeled after the special flipped Core you see when you use your Energy Burst. The Core Flip edition has limited stock and will never be pressed again, so don't miss them!

Music by James Landino, Shihori, VITICZ, VGR, Mason Lieberman, Ian Tsuchiura, Garrett Williamson, Joshua Taipale, Falk Au Yeong, Funk Fiction, Casey Lee Williams, Michael Staple, Garrett Williamson, Koaster, NANO, DEMONDICE

Licensed by Odyssey Interactive
In partnership with Rare Drop
Layout and design by Isa Alcántara

• Gatefold jacket
• 2xLP 180g
• Bright Color-in-color neon discs

Sound Recordings © 2023 ODYSSEY INTERACTIVE USA INC. OMEGA STRIKERS is a registered trademark by ODYSSEY INTERACTIVE USA INC, used by permission. MATERIA COLLECTIVE is a registered trademark of MATERIA MUSIC INC. All Rights Reserved.

Pre-order, ships 2024. Layout, colors, and tracklist subject to change. 

(Please note that the JP and Instrumental versions of "Vice Versa (Vyce's Theme) Version" & "Thousand Absolutes (Octavia's Theme)" have been omitted due to side lengths).  



Side A

  1. Go Strike! (Juliette's Theme)
  2. Embers of an Emperor (Kai's Theme)
  3. The Tofu Titan (Dubu's Theme)
  4. The Heart's Whisper (Era's Theme)
  5. Burden of Knowledge (Atlas's Theme)
  6. Ice Cream Odyssey (Juno's Theme)
  7. Ignis (Drek'ar's Theme)
  8. Blue Skies Ahead (Luna's Theme)
  9. Excessive!! (X's Theme)
  10. A Champion's Redux (Estelle's Theme)
  11. Go Strike! (Juliette's Theme) (English Version)

Side B

  1. Baroque Banditry (Rasmus's Theme)
  2. Long Way From Home (Zentaro's Theme)
  3. Shield Sister (Asher's Theme)
  4. The Girl Who Glitched (Ai.Mi's Theme)
  5. Obscura's Call (Rune's Theme)
  6. Round One! (Map Theme)
  7. Neon Lobby (Menu)
  8. Choose Your Striker (Character Select)
  9. Ahten City Classic (Beta Map Theme)

Side C

  1. Neon Nostalgia (Beta Menu)
  2. Future Flashback (Beta Character Select)
  3. Virtual Victory (Beta Post Game)
  4. Vice Versa (Vyce's Theme) EN Version
  5. Thousand Absolutes (Octavia's Theme) EN Version
  6. Curtain Call (Finii's Theme)
  7. High Tea Hijinks (Lobby Theme)
  8. Methods of Madness (Kazan's Theme)
  9. Summer Splash (Lobby Theme)

Side D

  1. Go Strike (Juliette's Beach Theme)
  2. Ice Cream Odyssey (Juno's Beach Theme)
  3. Excessive!! (X's Beach Theme)
  4. A Champion's Redux (Estelle's Beach Theme)
  5. The Tofu Titan (Dubu's Beach Theme)
  6. Shield Sister (Asher's Beach Theme)
  7. Campfire Finale
  8. Order Of Business (Nao's Theme)
  9. A Demon's Thunder (Mako's Theme)
  10. The Oni Drummer (Lobby Theme)
  11. The Heart's Whisper (Era's Theme) Vocal Version

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