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Orchestra Stories: My Neighbor Totoro - Joe Hisaishi (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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This is the first LP release of “My Neighbor Totoro” edited by Vivaldi and Joe Hisaishi

Newly arranged and composed by Joe Hisaishi for children and adults who are exposed to an orchestra for the first time.

It consists of two parts: an introductory version with an easy-to-understand explanation of the names and tones of the instruments, narrated by Shigesato Itoi as the father, and a suite without narration.
Performed by the New Japan Philharmonic.

The soundtracks will be arranged differently from the image albums and soundtracks. The soundtracks are also remastered, with new jackets, gorgeous specifications, extensive commentary, and liner notes to enjoy.

Moreover, these three albums have never been released in analog format before. Please enjoy the beauty of the jackets and the richness of the sound that only analog can provide.


Track List
  1. Sanpo
  2. Village in May
  3. Suswatari - Mother
  4. Totoro ga ita!
  5. Kaze no Torimichi
  6. Maigo
  7. Nekobusu
  8. Tonari no Totoro
  9. My Neighbor Totoro Suite

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