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Overlord (Original Soundtrack) - Shuji Katayama (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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Shuji Katayama is a composer and an arranger who is part of the Team-MAX group. He composed all the music for the series (4 seasons). He also participated in the musical compositions of Boruto and the film Naruto The Last.

Synopsis of the series : We are in the year 2138. Yggdrasil, the famous hit MMORPG is about to close. Momonga, the founder of the guild whose fame is no longer to be done, waits alone for the end of the game. However, the closing time has passed, Momonga does not disconnect and the non-playable characters find themselves gradually of a consciousness… A new world is about to make its appearance.

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Track List

  1. Overlord -Shi no Shihaisha-
  2. Kagayaiteita Jidai
  3. Ikou ka, Waga Guild no Akashi yo
  4. 2:04
  5. Shikou no Mikata ni Chuusei no Gi wo
  6. 1:44
  7. Seihi Sensou
  8. Non Player Character
  9. Zetsubou no Aura V

  1. Gekitotsu
  2. Ware Koso ga Ainz Ooal Gown
  3. Fushisha no Ou, Kourin
  4. Semaru Shi no Yokan
  5. Ainz Ooal Gown no Na ni Kakete
  6. Koui Mahou vs Koui Mahou
  7. Clattanoia [TV Size]
  8. L.L.L. [TV Size]
  9. GO CRY GO [TV Size]
  10. HYDRA [TV Size]

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