Persona 5 Soundtrack (Essential Edition) - Atlus Sound Team (4xLP Vinyl Record)


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Persona 5 is a massive and epic opus of a game - the kind of 100-hour-plus JRPG journey that it is impossible to peel away from.

The soundtrack is equally epic, featuring hours of jazzy, poppy, energetic musical magic that you’ll find yourself unconsciously whistling throughout the day. From upbeat vocally-driven songs (many featuring the incomparable throaty gusto of Japanese soul singer, Lyn Inaizumi) to more contemplative, instrumental riffs - it’s an impressive ensemble of tunes.

This is the Essentials Edition, a premium 4xLP box set featuring the most popular music from P5. More Persona 5 music.

Music by Atlus Sound Team.

Track List

Side A

  1. Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There
  2. Life Will Change
  3. Last Surprise
  4. Beneath the Mask
  5. The Whims of Fate

Side B

  1. Beneath the Mask -Rain-
  2. Tokyo Daylight
  3. Rivers in the Desert
  4. Hoshi to Bokura
  5. Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There, (Opening Movie Version)

Side C

  1. Beneath the Mask (Instrumental)
  2. Life Will Change (Instrumental)
  3. Rivers in the Desert (Instrumental)
  4. Beneath the Mask -Rain- (Instrumental)
  5. Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There (Instrumental)

Side D

  1. Interrogation Room
  2. Recollection and Foreboding
  3. Disquiet
  4. Ark
  5. Desire
  6. Blooming Villan
  7. Awakening
  8. Star Forneus
  9. Punch Ouch
  10. Train of Life
  11. Power Intuition
  12. Legend of Gambla Goemon
  13. Pro Golfer Sarutahiko
  14. Crane Game

Side E

  1. Meeting
  2. Confession / Secret
  3. Blood of Villan
  4. Regret
  5. Butterfly Kiss
  6. My Homie
  7. A Woman
  8. Sunset Bridge
  9. When Mother Was There
  10. Limitless Pride

Side F

  1. Treading on Scorched Sand
  2. Alleycat
  3. Planetarium
  4. Freedom and Peace
  5. Jaldaboaoth
  6. Swear to my Bones
  7. Our Beginning

Side G

  1. Phantom
  2. Escape
  3. Tension
  4. Will Power
  5. Triumph
  6. Layer Cake
  7. The Collapse of Lust
  8. High Pressure
  9. Price

Side H

  1. Keeper of Lust
  2. Life Goes On
  3. New Beginning
  4. Home Electronics Store
  5. Welcome Home, Master!
  6. Sweatshop

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