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PHOGS! - Henry Pullan (1xLP Vinyl Record) [Phog Phur Variant]


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In PHOGS! you play as a double-sided dog duo, aptly named Red and Blue. Linked by a stretchy belly, you'll need to bark, bite and bounce your way through obstacles and puzzles set in a quirky and unique world.

Composed by Henry Pullan of Bit Loom Games, the music of PHOGS! ranges from fun and upbeat to inquisitive and whimsical. This 1LP selection of tracks has been curated to represent music across the themed PHOGS! worlds of Food, Sleep and Play (a double-sided dog's three favorite things!)

PHOGS! comes in a heavy-stock, reverse board jacket for detailed texture and vivid color! The release comes presented in two bundles:

180g "Phog Phur" vinyl

A PHOGS! enamel pin with backing card

A PHOGS! drink koozie

Album artwork created by Caitlin Smith

PHOGS!™ - ©Bit Loom Studios Ltd 2020 - Published under license by Coatsink Software Ltd

Track List

A2 Welcome Home PHOGS
A3 Shopping Spree
A4 Finding Food
A5 Munchlet Market
A6 Hot Fudge Falls

B1 Dream Fields
B2 Sleepy Sneak Keep
B3 Tick Tock Towers
B4 Fredrick Von Fun
B5 The Trial
B6 Final PHOG

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