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Pizza Supreme - RichaadEB (Compact Disc)


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PIZZA SUPREME features 15 high energy metal and rock covers from Pizza Tower by RichaadEB!
Arranged, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by RichaadEB
Officially approved by Tour De Pizza
Compositions by Mr. Sauceman, ClascyJitto & Post Elvis
Mechanical Licensing provided by Materia Music Publishing
Track 15 Drum Arrangement by The8BitDrummer
Album Art by NotRachelable
Characters Owned by Tour De Pizza
Track List
  1. It's Pizza Time!
  2. Pizza Deluxe
  3. Pepperman Strikes!
  4. The Death That I Deservioli
  5. Oregano Mirage
  6. Calzonification
  7. Extraterrestrial Wah-Wahs
  8. Pumpin' Hot Stuff
  9. Pizza Time Never Ends
  10. Okay Campers, Rise and Shine!
  11. WAR (Thousand March)
  12. Unexpectancy (Part 1)
  13. Unexpectancy (Part 2)
  14. Unexpectancy (Part 3)
  15. Bye Bye There! (ft. The8BitDrummer)

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