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Take on Us! Pyongyang Gold Stars Play Great Popular Hits Vol. 1 - Pyongyang Gold Stars (1xLP Vinyl Record) - Red Vinyl


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"The most amazing piece of North Korean pop culture." - John Oliver, Last Week Tonight

The songs of A-Ha as you've never heard them before, interpreted by the Hermit Kingdom!

In spring 2013, military tensions on the Korean peninsula had reached a boiling point amid escalating rhetoric between North Korea and the United Nations following Pyongyang's third nuclear test. In this tense atmosphere, a small team of Norwegian artists headed into the heart of the Hermit Kingdom to record a tribute album to international pop stars A-ha, re-interpreted by elite accordion students of Pyongyang's Kum Song (Gold Star) Music School. They made it out alive, and brought back this spectacular example of musical collaboration against all odds - and fine pop songs, too. Let a hundred a-ha-ccordions play! 

Release Notes

  • Pressed on limited edition 'Revolutionary Red' vinyl
  • Re-interpreted by Pyongyang's Kum Song (Gold Star) Music School
  • A tribute album to international pop stars A-ha

All materials ©️ 2020, licensed by Ship to Shore Media, LLC

Track List

A01. The General Galloping On a White Horse
A02. Take On Me
A03. Train of Thought
A04. Hunting High and Low
A05. The Blue Sky
A06. Living a Boy's Adventure Tale

B01. The Sun Always Shines On T.V.
B02. And You Tell Me
B03. Love is Reason
B04. I Dream Myself Alive
B05. Here I Stand and Face the Rain
B06. The Sun Always Shines On T.V. [A New Religion Mix By Eric Väpnargård]

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