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Rad (Original Video Game Soundtrack) - David Earl Gregory (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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Want a video game soundtrack that sounds like it was ripped straight from the play-decks of a 1980s radio station and transported through time via a neon-drenched wormhole?

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. has got you covered with the original game soundtrack to Rad on vinyl! Wearing its 80’s influences proudly on its sleeve, the Roguelike post-apocalyptic action-romp RAD – developed by Double Fine Productions and published by the legendary Bandai Namco Entertainment – features a music score so authentic you’d swear it was created in the decade that brought us leg warmers & spandex and not in 2019 by composer David Earl Gregory. Part synth, part rock, all awesome, RAD is not one to be missed!

This release features brand new artwork created by Double Fine’s Lee Petty and marks the soundtrack’s first appearance on a physical format.

Pink+Purple splatter variant

Track List


  1. Echoes of the Ancients
  2. You are the One
  3. Bring on the Dawn
  4. The Forbidden Caves
  5. Graveyard of the Ancients
  6. Frolic in the Fallow
  7. The Devoured Expanse
  8. Whispers from the Past
  9. The Fall
  10. The Cracked Lands
  11. It's Time to Begin
  12. The Now
  13. Remade Again

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