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Re:Life in a Different World From Zero (Original Soundtrack) (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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The incredible soundtrack for the first season of the popular anime series Re:Zero is now available on vinyl!

Experience the series all over again with this 2 LP release of Re:Zero. The release comes as a 2 x LP gatefold with an artprint unique to this release.

Track List
  1. Rondo of Love and Darkness - Main Theme -
  2. Takt of Heroes - Origin -
  3. Hymn of Despair and Atonement
  4. Dragon Kingdom Lugnica
  5. Another World March
  6. Memories of Time and Sky
  7. Promenade of Flute and Creation
  8. Re:verse
  9. Heartbeat of Determination
  10. Fantasy Lied
  11. Echt of Sorrow
  12. Chains of Memories
  13. Roar of Malice
  14. Sloth
  15. Call of the Witch
  16. Activation of Fate
  17. Requiem of Silence
  18. Death Ballet
  19. Waltz of Rage
  20. Overture to the Final Battle
  21. Wish of the Stars

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