Re[in]carnation Official Score Book Piano Song Collection (Sheet Music - Japanese)


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Official piano music collection containing in-game BGM of "NieR Re[in]carnation", the first smartphone title in the "NieR" series released by Square Enix. You can enjoy a number of beautiful melodies with intermediate and advanced piano arrangements.
In the "NieR" series, the writers of the sound creator group "MONACA", including the well-known composer Keiichi Okabe, will be in charge and will deliver the score.

Contains 13 songs.


[Listed songs]
  1. Inori - Inori
  2. Kaikyō - Nostalgia
  3. Tōriame - through the rain
  4. Shinpan - Referee
  5. Ruten - Ruten
  6. Hoshi no Mebuki
  7. Sabigoe - Silence
  8. Toki no Kane - Toki no Kane
  9. Shikku - Sprint
  10. Aun
  11. Omokage - Omokage
  12. Gogan - Arrogant
  13. Kyūsai - Relief

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