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Camouflaj has partnered with Brave Wave to release an all-new edition of the RÉPUBLIQUE soundtrack. It sounds great on CD, iTunes, and streaming services, but there’s no better way to celebrate RÉPUBLIQUE‘s futurist narrative than last last (last) generation’s classic medium, vinyl! 

Track List


  1. République
  2. Exordium
  3. 3-90H (Anniversary Edit)
  4. Metamorphosis
  5. Headmaster's Legacy (Anniversary Edit)
  6. Master Key (Anniversary Edit)
  7. Muscular
  8. Terminus
  9. The Evening Standard
  10. The Needle Always Gets To The Point
  11. Ones & Zeroes
  12. Sea Of Trees
  13. Mammoth (Anniversary Edit)
  14. The Funeral
  15. A Call To Arms
  16. Taking Sides
  17. Miranda Poe
  18. Loose Change
  19. Reflections
  20. Climbing A Mountain Of Data
  21. Dead Battery
  22. Terminate
  23. The Whole Haystack (Anniversary Edit)
  24. Rendezvous
  25. Deep Blue

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