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Return (Original Game Soundtrack) - Jabbu (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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Return is an atmospheric adventure by Dead Unicorn, praised for its styled pixel art, expansive environments, and dark storyline.

The 23-track OST, influenced by Lo-Fi and neo-retro synthwave, was composed by the musical wizard Jake "Jabbu" Coyle. This soundscape will transport you to a new world overflowing with emotion and atmospheric goodness.

This item is a pre-order and is estimated to ship around Q3 2024.

Release Notes

  • Deluxe audiophile 180 gram 2xLP vinyl
  • Artists Jabbu
  • Developer Dead Unicorn

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Track List

A01. Awakening
A02. Back at Camp
A03. Mutated Forest
A04. Metropolitan Ruins
A05. Caves and Stalactites
A06. Graveyard Clash

B01. Tranquil Moments
B02. Combat Simulator
B03. Into the Unknown
B04. Witches
B05. Plains and Meadows
B06. Sparse Foliage

C01. Metal Grass
C02. Cash and Carry
C03. Aquifer
C04. Underground Overlord
C05. Brackish Waters

D01. Mudslinger
D02. Not Enough Cash, Stranger
D03. Gathering of the Gulls
D04. Brains of the Operation
D05. Lilly
D06. To Infinity and Beyond

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