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RuneScape: Elder God Wars Dungeon (Original Soundtrack) - Jagex Audio Team (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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World Guardians rejoice! The musical magicians at Jagex have conjured up another epic soundtrack album to accompany players as they battle through the fronts of the mighty Elder God Wars Dungeon.

This double LP includes 11 tracks specially mastered for vinyl, which will be pressed to orange & clear and green & clear cloudy effect heavyweight discs. These will slip into a deluxe gatefold sleeve boasting gloriously divine artwork by the Jagex team.

Music is by the current and former members of the Jagex Audio Team: Grace Docksey, Julian Surma & Stephen Lord. The album is by turns thunderous and haunting, featuring angelic and demonic choral sections, thumping percussion, sweeping orchestral passages, and heavy rock riffage. Lending their voices to multiple tracks are Julie Elven (Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West) up high; and oktavist Eric Holloway (Doom Eternal) down low.

Release Notes

  • 11 remastered tracks from RuneScape’s third God Wars dungeon
  • Music by Grace Docksey, Julian Surma & Stephen Lord
  • Two cloudy effect heavyweight LPs in orange & clear and green & clear
  • Deluxe gatefold sleeve
  • Artwork by Jagex
Track List


  1. Lullaby for an Elder God
  2. The City of Senntisten
  3. Azzanadra's Cathedral


  1. The Cursed Warrior
  2. Arch-Nemesis
  3. Croesus


  1. Zuk's chamber
  2. The Glory of Combat
  3. Kerapac's Sacrifice


  1. Family
  2. Holy Zamorak

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