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Runescape: OSRS - Old School Combat Classics (Original Soundtrack) - (Compact Disc)


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Once more, Laced Records and Jagex clan up to bring fans a soundtrack from the RuneScape universe. Old School Combat Classics which features 18 tracks composed by Ian Taylor, Adam Bond and Ashleigh Bridges (aka Mod Ash), covering music from the Wilderness, dungeons, quests, minigames and all manner of beasts'n’bosses.
The deluxe digisleeve features all-new artwork of the historical strongest enemy in the game, Jad, plus iconic weapons and Barrows equipment arranged in the Combat Triangle.
CD includes 320kbps MP3 digital download.

Track List
  1. Wilderness
  2. Deep Wildy
  3. Down Below
  4. The Militia
  5. Body Parts
  6. Inferno
  7. Showdown
  8. Monkey Badness
  9. TzHaar!
  10. Pest Control
  11. Clan Wars
  12. Dogs of War
  13. Dance of Death
  14. Attack II
  15. Coil
  16. Army of Darkness
  17. Iban
  18. In The Pits

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