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Samurai Champloo Music Record: Departure - Nujabes and Fat Jon (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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Samurai Champloo Music Record: Departure is a soundtrack album, originally released on June 23, 2004. It is the second of four soundtrack albums released for the show. The album was produced by Japanese DJ / producer Nujabes, and American MC/producer Fat Jon, and featured Japanese rapper Shing02 and Japanese singer-songwriter MINMI on the album’s first and last tracks, respectively. Departure was critically lauded and is the best known album from the series, with especially high praise being reserved for “Battlecry”.

The music of the Samurai Champloo anime series was created by a group of producers: Japanese hip-hop producer Tsutchie of the rap group Shakkazombie, American hip-hop producer & emcee Fat Jon of the rap group Five Deez, Japanese hip-hop producer Nujabes, and Japanese DJ & production duo Force Of Nature. The music genre is primarily instrumental hip-hop.

Release Notes
  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • Limited edition double LP
  • Featuring music by Tsutchie, Shakkazombie, Fat Jon, Nujabes, and Force Of Nature
Track List
  1. Battlecry
  2. The Space Between Two World
  3. Aruarian Dance
  4. Kujaku
  5. Mystline
  6. 1st. Samurai
  7. Ole
  8. 624 Part2
  9. Genome
  10. No Way Back
  11. Funkin
  12. Stay
  13. Chambers
  14. Ask
  15. How You Feel
  16. 624 Part1
  17. 四季ノ唄

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