The Fat Man and Team Fat

7/11: Music from "The 7th Guest" and "The 11th Hour" - The Fat Man and Team Fat (Compact Disc)


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As one of the first games released on CD, The 7th Guest was a groundbreaking horror-puzzle game that paved the way for a generation of larger, more complex computer games. Along with its sequel, The 11th Hour, the 7th Guest enjoys a cult following to this day and it is in no small part due to the incredible soundtrack by The Fat Man himself, George Sanger, a pioneer in the game audio world. If you played a CD-ROM game back in the heyday, you heard The Fat Man's work.

The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour soundtracks combine creepy gothic vibes with sultry jazz and cinematic rock to create a sound and feeling wholly original, but oft copied. Materia Collective is proud to partner with The Fat Man to bring this joint soundtrack to you, so you can enjoy a lauded piece of VGM history.


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