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Shadows of Hyrule - ROZEN (Compact Disc)


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Shadows of Hyrule tells the legend of the fallen hero, who is brought back to banish the shadows dwelling within the realm of lost souls.

In this dark fantasy take on The Legend of Zelda series, ROZEN's most somber yet, immerse yourself in a heavy emotional journey through a Hyrule in despair. Featuring richly textured orchestration and a prominent, dark choir, reminiscent of earlier entries in ROZEN’s Hyrule series.

Album Arranged, Produced, and Mixed by ROZEN
Based on Music from The Legend of Zelda Series
A Mecha Dream Records production
Executive Producer: Mary Kate Jiménez-Wall
Album Mastered at The Bakery by Jett Galindo

A A5 Hard-Cover Digibook, 1xCD set. Including a 16-page booklet with liner notes, the lore behind the album, and illustrations to immerse you in a desolate Hyrule. Presented in a stunning matte-finish digibook with silver foil details, metallic and neon inks, and cover artwork by Nino Is.

  1. Those Who Hold the Fate of the World in Their Hands
  2. The Decline of Hyrule
  3. Forlorn Hero
  4. Sanctuary Dungeon
  5. Fires of War
  6. Forest Temple
  7. Gerudo Valley
  8. Light Spirit's Elegy
  9. Song of Storms and Flames
  10. Awaken the Dragon
  11. Hyrule Castle
  12. Serpent Dragon Dinraal: Aspect of Din, The Corrupted One
  13. The Divine Princess
  14. Transcendence
  15. Shadows of Hyrule

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