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Slime-san (Official Soundtrack) - Various Artists- (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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Fabraz's new indie hit Slime-san comes with an incredible, all-star soundtrack - digitally and on vinyl! 

  • limited edition 180g double vinyl
  • Limited Run Games exclusive white & blue vinyl variant
  • gatefold sleeve with original artwork by Del Northern
  • vinyl housed in poly-lined black inner sleeves
  • remastered for vinyl by Christian Bethge at RAMA Tonstudio (Dear Esther, Earthworm Jim, Another World, VA-11 HALL-A)

"The music complements the game’s pixel art aesthetic but each track was also designed with a certain gameplay aspect in mind. We wanted to create a soundtrack that is worth the price of admission alone, and I think we’ve accomplished that.", says Fabian Rastorfer from Fabraz.
01. Mighty Mama (Ear)Worm - Richard Gould 

02. Mixtapeworm - Adhesive Wombat 
03. Slumptown Shuffle - Mischa Perella 
04. Slimy Success - FantomenK 
05. Wormhole - Adhesive Wombat 
06. Hit the Slime Note - Meganeko 
07. Instrumental Intestine - Kommisar 
08. Organ Donor - Mischa Perella 
09. Akiha-Worma - Meganeko 
10. Brain Beats - Tiasu 
11. Old Worm and the Sea - Lumena-tan 
12. Acid Trip - Mischa Perella 
13. Heart Trebbles - Kubbi 
14. Woodwinds - Adhesive Wombat 
15. Birdie Breakdown - Carl Clark 
16. Uvula’s Groovula - Inverse Phase 
17. Red Shadow’s Revenge - Saad Akter Ali 
18. Slime Crisis - Meganeko 
19. Tequila and (S)lime - Michael Miller

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