Spinch (Original Soundtrack) - Thesis Sahib (1xLP Vinyl Record)

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This is a Spinch vinyl, composed by Thesis Sahib and produced by iam8bit! Spinch is developed by Queen Bee and published by Akupara Games.

  • Psychedelic Tricolor Vinyl
  • Diecut ‘Mouth Portal’ Jacket
  • Includes 1 of 3 Limited Edition Art Prints
  • Music by Thesis Sahib
  • Album Art by Spinch creator, Jesse Jacobs
  • Mastered for Vinyl by Townsend Mastering
Track List

A1. New Ecology
A2. Captured by Colours
A3. Astral Island (World 1)
A4. Chemical Canyon (World 2)
A5. Forest Masters (World 3)
A6. Return of the Star Children

B1. Crystal Palace (World 5
B2. Star Station (World 6)
B3. Chromatic Attack Force
B4. Before the End
B5. Cousins (Bonus Level)

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