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Stardew Valley Piano Collections (Compact Disc) [Second Edition]


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Stardew Valley Piano Collections - Second Edition CD, comes in a premium digibook to match other Piano Collection CDs by Materia Collective. 

The official Stardew Valley Piano Collections album!

Music composed by Eric Barone (ConcernedApe). Eric is a solo game developer based in Seattle. He’s best know for creating the indie farming RPG, Stardew Valley

The album was envisioned by arranger Meadow Bridgham, Meadow is in the post-residential phase of their Doctorate of Musical Arts degree in Music Composition at Yale and lives in New Haven with their wife Jessica and their floppy ragdoll cat, Walter. They maintains an active private studio where he accompaniment engagements and plans exciting new projects.

Pianist Augustine Mayuga Gonzales returns to Materia Collective after performing two volumes of the UNDERTALE Piano Collections albums. Augustine is an award-winning Filipino Canadian pianist whose solo, chamber and concerto performances have taken him across the United States, Canada and Italy. Augustine has recorded for film, radio, and television and is very excited to be recording arrangements of some of his favorite video games. Even well into his adulthood, he still loves all things Pokémon!

illustrator Kay Belonus (mnstrcndy) created the art and illustrations for the album and book. She is a Washington State based freelance artist, illustrator, designer and hobby cake decorator who has taken part in numerous works for Materia Collective. She enjoys working with various mediums and gains her inspiration from music.

Augustine Mayuga Gonzales: Piano 
Matthew Bridgham: Producer 
David Peacock: Studio Lead, Engraving 
Doug Perry: Special Thanks 
Jett Galindo: Mastering Engineer (@ The Bakery) 
John Weston: Recording Engineer (Futura Productions) 
Lauren Liebowitz: Editor/Proofreading 
Kay Belonus: Album art 
Rozen: Layout, Product Design, Product Design, Layout 
Sebastian Wolff: Executive Producer 
Tom Kelley: Special Thanks, Photography 

"Stardew Valley came into my life when I was struggling through my highly stressful second year of doctoral studies in composition. My wife recommended the game to me, and like always, she was right. I spent the rest of that year improving my farm and, in the process, improving my life. Inspired by this game I had come to love, I began arranging the music, which helped me push through stress-induced writer’s block and even begin to focus on writing original music again. After I completed my DMA, I connected with Sebastian Wolff of Materia Collective, who set me up with a powerhouse team: Augustine Mayuga Gonzales, David Peacock, and John Weston. I also owe thanks to Eric Barone (ConcernedApe) for giving us Stardew Valley and its music in the first place. This experience has been a dream for me. Thank you all.

This album highlights the essential musical moments from the 200+ hours I spent in Stardew, capturing the everyday experience of a year in the game. It has always been my goal to offer arrangements that resemble their counterparts precisely, although I do take some creative liberties. I hope my love for the game shines through in my arrangements, and I hope they will bring you as much happiness as this game has brought me. "

-Meadow Bridgham

Ⓟ & © 2018 Materia Music Inc.. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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