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Super Meat Boy Forever (Original Soundtrack) - Ridiculon (Exclusive Red+Pink 2xLP Vinyl Record)


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The vinyl soundtrack to Team Meat’s Super Meat Boy Forever, released by Yetee Records!  

This is the Materia Store-exclusive Red + Pink Vinyl Variant.

Features the entire 26-track album by Ridiculon on high-quality 140g vinyl mastered by Marc Junker aka R23X and comes housed inside a double-wide sleeve featuring artwork by Jango Snow.

Release Notes

  • Materia Store-exclusive Red + Pink Vinyl Variant
  • Copies are subject to uniqueness
  • Comes in a double-wide sleeve featuring artwork by Jango Snow
  • 26-track album by Ridiculon

Side A

1. You Had Meat Hello
2. Marionette
3. Sex and Violins
4. Beef Flat
5. Udder Catastrophe

Side B

1. Nightie Night
2. Chickened Out
3. Wagu Finger
4. Tenderizer
5. Contraband
6. Tenuous
7. Tautness
8. Ground Beef

Side C

1. Meteorite
2. Nobody's Gyro
3. Don't Go Bacon My Heart
4. Jerky
5. Trudger
6. Out of Thyme
7. Make No Misteak
8. Wurst-Case Scenario 

Side D

1. Glisters
2. Clutch
3. Klatch
4. Grudge
5. Put Your Hams Together

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