Super Time Force (Original Soundtrack) - 6955 (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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A selection of 15 tracks from the Super Time Force soundtrack pressed on 180gm vinyl. Comes in a fancy gatefold jacket with fantastic art by Capy's Vic Nguyen and Mike Nguyen, also includes SPECIAL MISSION insert. Might have other hidden features...?

Original Soundtrack for Capy's Super Time Force game tape.

Music by 6955.

Art by Vic Nguyen and Mike Nguyen.

Mastered by Andy Magoffin at House of Miracles.

Made in Toronto, Canada

Track List

Side A
  1. Epic Intro
  2. STF Theme
  3. DubUp
  4. Kessilag
  5. DnDnDn
  6. Stessefar
  7. Missile Run
  8. Heaven Candidate

Side B
  1. Vinyl Boss
  2. Rumblemax
  3. Irmba
  4. ATrmAhs
  5. Burst
  6. Infinity Fight
  7. Light


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